Behind the Scenes: How Movistar Series Chooses Which Projects to Produce

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The Selection Process

At Movistar Series, we take great care in selecting the projects that we choose to produce. Our team goes through a meticulous selection process to ensure that we bring the best content to our audience.

Market Research

We start by conducting in-depth market research to understand the current trends and audience preferences. This helps us identify the types of projects that are likely to resonate with viewers.

Script Evaluation

Once we have identified potential project ideas, our team of scriptwriters thoroughly evaluates each script to ensure that it meets our quality standards. We look for originality, strong storytelling, and compelling characters.

Collaboration with Talent

Collaboration with talented individuals is a key aspect of our project selection process. We work closely with writers, directors, and actors to bring unique and impactful stories to life.


Choosing the right cast is crucial to the success of any project. We carefully select actors who can bring the characters to life and resonate with the audience.

Director’s Vision

We also pay close attention to the director’s vision for the project. Their creative input and vision play a significant role in shaping the final product.

Financial Viability

While artistic merit is important, we also consider the financial viability of each project. We analyze the potential return on investment and budget requirements to ensure that the project is feasible.

Production Costs

We carefully evaluate the production costs of each project to ensure that it aligns with our budget constraints. This includes costs related to location, equipment, and talent fees.

Market Potential

We also assess the market potential of each project to gauge its potential success with our target audience. This involves analyzing viewer demographics, competition, and market trends.


How long does the project selection process typically take?

Each project is unique, so the timeline for selection can vary. However, on average, the selection process can take several months as we carefully evaluate each aspect of the project.

What happens to projects that are not selected for production?

Projects that are not selected for production are either revisited at a later date or put on hold indefinitely. We prioritize projects that align with our current objectives and audience preferences.

Can aspiring filmmakers submit their projects for consideration?

Yes, aspiring filmmakers are welcome to submit their projects for consideration. However, please note that we receive a high volume of submissions, and not all projects may be selected for production.

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